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Blog this, blog that…

For this first post, I want to set the expectation of what’s to follow on these pages: Edutainment!

In addition to Marketing tips to help you engage your audience, we’ll look at how to save some cash on your IT expenses by extending the life of your technology assets.

We’ll also poke fun at what would appear to be inconsistent or impossible claims of some popular consumer brands (pictures included).

Of course, we’ll talk about free and open source software, specifically the applications I use that are listed on the Free Software page.

And since life isn’t just about Marketing (Did I really say that?), we’ll often stray from these time tested topics and dig into something a little off the beaten path.

But the goal will always be to enjoy reading what I had fun writing about; we’ll both come away having learned something we didn’t know before.


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3 years ago

I’ll be delighted to see how some iconic brands have made missteps. Gives me hope that even the biggest brands make mistakes!

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