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Marketing Services

Marketing is a support role; its primary purpose is to light up targets for Sales using audience appropriate research and measurable tactics.John Bentham

Your Sales efforts are only as good as the Marketing tactics that support them. TuxBoy Marketing Services specializes in helping businesses of all sizes enter the market, or expand their influence among their current target audiences. So whether your business is local or international, in-person or online, we’ll work with you to craft the most effective approach to reach your customers, increase your audience, and reduce your time to market.

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Go-to-market strategy and planning

TuxBoy supports businesses in the Industrial Automation, Semiconductor, and Enterprise Technology industries who desire to establish or further strengthen their presence in the US markets. For US based businesses in the same industries, we help develop and execute effective go-to-market strategies to enter European and Asia Pacific countries.

Your go-to-market strategy should be unique to your business and the customers you serve. To learn what approach works best for your business, TuxBoy will conduct a Discovery meeting with you or your team and then make recommendations for the most cost effective strategy.

Website design, development and launch

Your business’ home online! If you have a website, does it accurately reflect who you are, what you do, and to whom you want to reach? Are you driving traffic to your website from social media channels and Ratings & Reviews platforms? Are you engaging website visitors with content they can share on social media? More importantly, are you converting traffic to qualified leads?

For your existing website, we offer:

  • Landing pages to highlight additional service or product offerings
  • Refresh stale content to better reflect the current state of your business
  • Compelling images to further engage viewers
  • Social media sharing options
  • New or updated contact forms and location maps
  • SEO additions or changes to drive organic search engine traffic

A new business website should be designed to engage visitors and nurture them into qualified leads. It’s also an excellent place to integrate new or existing social media channels for maximum visibility by your target audience.

For new websites, we offer:

  • Domain name purchase and registration or transfer from another host
  • Hosting of the website with encrypted security
  • Design and launch of a website that engages visitors
  • Analyses of visitor traffic for website improvements
  • Social media links; embedded social media integration
  • Integrated email subscription services (for newsletters or product updates)
  • GDPR compliance (for US based companies doing business in the European Union)

For a look at some of our recent website launches, see the examples on our Portfolio page.

Branded collateral

While your online presence is imperative to your business’ success, don’t minimize the impact of printed material that shows continuity between the two.

Company collateral such as business cards, invoices, brochures, sales aides, pop-up floor banners, and even your email signature, are all extensions of your brand and should reinforce the value proposition you make to your customers. Here are a few examples from TuxBoy Marketing & IT Services:


TuxBoy pioneered the use of just-in-time collateral by creating reusable “debut” templates. If your product or service content is still being finalized, but you need a sales brochure now, we can help. Check out the examples of collateral developed just-in-time for a major event.

Inbound marketing

The purpose of inbound marketing is to drive visitor traffic from social media, emails, or other calls-to-action (like a direct mailer) to landing pages on your website where viewers are guided to take a specific action. If they find value in your information, they may be inclined to interact with the features (e.g., download a file, submit a contact form, leave a comment), resulting in a prospective lead.

Here are just a few of the many service offerings we can customize to effectively reach your target audience:

  • Acquisition of new social media accounts and profile setup (e.g., named accounts, background and profile images, tag lines)
  • Social media posting based on an editorial calendar or other criteria (to drive website traffic)
  • Blogging and podcasting to your target audience
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email marketing to subscribers
  • Invitation-only events
  • Individualized direct mailers
  • Campaign or event specific website landing pages
  • Get creative and let us know what else you have in mind!

Outbound marketing

By contrast to the offerings above, outbound marketing typically casts a wide net with the objective of educating those that it reaches. These tactics are more effective when introducing a new business with the goal of building brand awareness. As such, the services we offer typically cost more, but reach a larger audience:

  • Advertising in print and online media outlets, including trade publications
  • Direct mailers
  • Event selection and management for trade shows and conferences

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