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Doing Business With TuxBoy

Confidentiality Statement

We are committed to protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal and business information.

As such, TuxBoy may come in contact with your personal and/or sensitive information during the execution of our services either remotely or in-person, including but not limited to contact information, social media account handles, and other methods of communicating with you.

We will not share your information with any third-party entity unless expressly authorized by you for the continuation of services or troubleshooting an existing issue.

Requesting Marketing Services

We offer several strategic and tactical Marketing Services to help you enter a market or expand your business. Before you decide to engage TuxBoy Marketing & IT Services for help with your marketing, please read below what a successful engagement looks like; this will help maximize both our efforts and minimize the amount of non-productive time spent at our discovery meeting.

Discovery meeting

We’ll meet for about an hour to ninety minutes talking about your business’ specific Marketing needs. There is no fee for this initial meeting, as our primary objective is to see if TuxBoy can help you reach your goals within your time frame and budget. Having thought about or answering the following questions will help make this initial meeting more productive:

  • How would you describe your business?
  • Which industry sector(s) do you serve?
  • What are your core service and product offerings?
  • What is the geographical scope of your business (e.g., local, regional, nationwide, international)?
  • How would you describe your revenue model (e.g., hourly, fixed rate fee, cost-plus, commission, other)?
  • How are you reaching your existing customers (e.g., website, social media, email, direct mail, presentations, brochures, networking events, trade shows)?
  • What makes your business stand out from your competitors (your unique value proposition)?
  • What does your closest competitor do better than you?
  • What online (e.g., website, social media channels, blogs) and hardline (e.g., event booth, demo equipment, brochures, etc.) assets do you own?
  • At the end of our engagement, what does the deliverable look like? A demand generation campaign, a new website, sales brochure or product/service collateral, a successful event? Something else?
  • How will you measure the success of this deliverable? Increased sales or customer engagement, brand awareness, an increase in website traffic, etc.?

Discovery meeting for websites

If your deliverable is a website, then there are additional questions to consider:

  • Do you own the domain name of your business (e.g., If not, what alternative domain names are you willing to consider?
  • Do you own the images and content you wish to add to your website? If not, do you have or can you get permission to use them?
  • What style of website works best for your business and your target audience? A heavy focus on images or content or a balance of both?
  • Do you have in mind an overall color scheme for your website?
  • Have you identified several example websites that feature the elements you want to see on yours?


If, after the Discovery meeting, we agree to move forward, TuxBoy will create a proposal for the work to be done with a description of the deliverable(s) and an estimated cost. The proposal will also include:

  • An initial marketing analysis
  • What is not included in the proposal (e.g., elements, if any, beyond the scope of the proposal, but related to its success)
  • Prerequisites to complete the work stated in the proposal
  • Post-project deliverables (e.g., any new intellectual property, new account credentials, documentation pertaining to the work completed)

With your approval of the final proposal, TuxBoy will commence work on the project.

Billing for Marketing Services

After approval of the final proposal, TuxBoy requires a minimum advance payment of five hours to begin work. Any proposal requiring less than five hours must be paid in full prior to beginning work.

Recurring work

Depending on your project, there may be ongoing or recurring work to be done after its completion. For example, a website may need periodic updates to its security certificate, or an increase in web traffic may require an upgrade to the hosting service.

These items will be billed hourly at the end of the month in which they occur.

Billable hours for Marketing Services are rounded to the nearest quarter hour.

Requesting IT Services

Occasionally, the devices and computer equipment that you use require support. TuxBoy offers IT Services to US based businesses and individuals alike. Before you decide to engage TuxBoy Marketing & IT Services, please consider the questions below; this will help maximize both our efforts and minimize the amount of non-productive time spent. If we determine the technical issue is beyond the scope of the IT Services we offer, we’ll suggest some alternative solutions that may include a referral to another organization for support.

Resolving device technical issues

  • Are you able to replicate the issue? If so, please document how to do so.
  • Do you have the login credentials for the devices that need support (e.g., modem/router, laptop, computer, device, printer access screen, website)?
  • If the issue is software or driver related, do you have the latest version available?
  • Would you prefer in-person support or remote support? During an in-person visit, you may request setup for future remote support. See TuxBoy Marketing & IT Services’ COVID-19 statement.

Installing and configuring new devices

  • Have you determined that the new device meets your immediate and near-term business or personal needs? If not, TuxBoy offers equipment selection services to help you find the best device for your specific requirements.
  • What other devices need to be connected?
  • Do you prefer a wired or wireless connection to the new device(s)?
  • What special features, if any, do you need configured to maximize the return on your investment?

Billing for IT Services

When the service or support work is completed, TuxBoy will send an invoice for the hours billed and any equipment or supplies necessary to complete the request.

In some cases, where the hours billed for service are nominal (i.e., less than an hour) and the client has indicated they will likely need service in the future, TuxBoy may invoice the accumulated hours at the end of each month.

In-person support will be billed at a minimum of one hour. For locations outside the 15 mile radius from the TuxBoy office, additional fees may apply.

Billable hours for IT Services are rounded to the nearest quarter hour.

Any outstanding balances will continue to be billed monthly and may result in the termination of IT Services until the outstanding balances are paid in full.

Late Fees

Effective 01 January 2024, all invoiced amounts 30 days past due will be subject to a 1.5% late fee; invoiced amounts 60 days past due will be subject to a 3.0% late fee.

Conscientious Refusal of Work

TuxBoy Marketing & IT Services, its owner and employees, reserve the right to decline any contract or request to work that violates their conscience. In this hyper-sensitive climate that we find ourselves in, we respect our prospective client’s right to do the same.

Questions about doing business with TuxBoy?

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